Artist Statement

Much of the emotion that is a part of modern life is transmitted as data. To get something onto a television, or a computer, or a cell phone, it has to be broken down into digital pieces. The more pieces, the more real it seems; “resolution” is the way we measure just how much data we use to capture a moment of reality, and how much we use to reproduce again it with technology.

When resolution is very high, digital works can seem to approach reality;  when it is low; a representation can seem obviously false and degraded. At some point, there is a middle ground Рa resolution that is neither too real, nor too virtual Рand this is what I strive to explore. I hope to capture the moment when the tidy virtual and the messy real intersect. This threshold between real and virtual is encountered and crossed, sometimes many times, to portray even a single emotion. When data becomes emotion, and vice versa Рthis fascinates me and provokes my art.

When the transition from real to virtual occurs, we often focus on what is lost; I seek the static generated at the boundary between those two domains, and possibly, to find out whether those qualities lost during the journey are as real as what is preserved.

– Mark Willis.

Philadelphia, Penn.
April 2018